Photography on the Darkside

I would describe myself as a keen photographer and as such I am an active member of two clubs, the Beyond Group and Bury St Edmunds Photographic Society.  I am  also a member of the Royal Photographic Society.


I specialise in urban night photography and have been tutoring my style of photography since 2015. One of my favourite locations for night photography is the area around Tower Bridge, which is just one of the workshops I have on offer.


I find that something magical happens when the sun goes down and disappears. A scene that could be described as ordinary in the day, comes alive for me at night. I often go back to the same locations and always come away with a different image of the same scene as the weather, tides and cloud base all make a difference.

In June 2020 I had three of my Urban Nightscape images shortlisted for Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2020 Awards.


October 2020 I was awarded Associate of The Royal Photographic Society, (ARPS) in prints for my Urban Night Photography for which the panel of my work that I put forward can be seen here. 

December 2020 I was awarded an  Associateship of the Welsh Photographic Federation (AWPF) for my work in prints of my Urban Nightscapes.

My images have been selected to appear in UK National and International Exhibitions and have gained a few awards.


My Urban Nightscape images have featured in the RPS Journal and Amateur Photographer magazine. 


0777 5521799

Haverhill, Suffolk

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