Recommended Equipment 

To take full advantage of the subject matter a DSLR or similar, a lens, preferably a wide angle, for example:
      24-105mm and/or 17-40mm with a full frame camera,
     18-55mm and/or 10-22mm with a crop sensor camera,
      9-18mm and/or 12-32mm with a Four Thirds camera.
You will also need a camera shutter remote either wired or wireless/infrared, a sturdy tripod with a height without the column raised of about 140 cms and at least 2 or 3 fully charged batteries. Any other lenses/equipment you bring is entirely your choice, but please remember you have to carry them.
As it can get cold at night you will need warm clothing, appropriate footwear, and a drink either hot or cold.

remote torch
spare batteries