The Pool of London at night looking at Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast
Canary Wharf at night across the Thames from the west side. Newfoundland Quay and Pinnacle tallest r
Circus at Night by the underground entrance  looking at Regent Street and Piccadilly.
The River Clyde in Glasgow at night looking at the Squinty Bridge  or Clyde Arc . With Hilton Garden
Blackwall Basin Lock at night looking at Barclay, 1 Canada Square and  and CITI buildings in Canary
The Royal Mile Tavern Edinburgh at night.
at night heading towards King Parage
Blackwall Basin at Night with new buildings in Canary Wharf and barges in the Basin.
Edinburgh Castle at Night
Kelpies at Night in Blue
Chinatown's West End Crowds at night
St Paul's Across the Thames with the Millennium Bridge
The City Towers of London
Cambridge Punt's
St Paul's in the Rain
Glasgow Science Museum

As the darkness of the night is longer from September through to around the end of April, I run five urban nightscape photography walks and workshops in London, Cambridge and a residential in the Glasgow and Edinburgh area. The longer nights gives much more of an opportunity to take some great images of iconic urban nightscapes. 


Each of the walks and workshops are a full night's activity around 4 to 5 hours , taking iconic views with tuition.