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Photography on the Darkside Zoom Talks

From September 2023 I'll be presenting two talks about my passion of urban night photography via Zoom to Camera Clubs and Societies.

Having revised my original talk for season 2023- 2024 the new talk has literally grown out from that original talk, which now concentrates on my London urban nightscapes, and is now titled “Photography on the Darkside, London Nights”, the new talk is “Home and Abroad” which follows on from London Nights in a way the two talks are Part 1 and Part 2 as one follows the other.

If you have not had either my original talk, "Photography on the Darkside" or  "London Nights" presented at your club then I would suggest that you first have "London Nights" as this gives more background and tips than “Home and Abroad” which follows on from London Nights, this way you could choose to have Home and Abroad another season.

Details of both talks can be found via the links below.   

Photography and the Darkside, London Nights.

Photography and the Darkside, Home and Abroad. 

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