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Talk Feedback

January 2021, “had a look at some night shots, after a fantastic, informative talk by Peter." “The subject is fascinating with Peter’s work being at the top end of the game, in my opinion.” “The images were wonderful and inspiring” Greenock Camera Club

March 2021, "Your depth of knowledge along with the stunning images kept it engaging throughout." Belton Camera Club

May 2021, "From start to finish interesting, family history and a conveyer belt of mind blowing images. The colour, lights and atmosphere of London, America and Europe, fabulous". Bunwell & District Camera Club

September 2021, "Thank you so much for last night's fascinating look into your work and also the history of photography. The members really appreciated your presentation and, as I said, we will be trying out some night photography in the coming weeks". Locks Heath and Sarisbury Camera Club

October 2021, "Just wanted to let you know everybody loved your talk tonight! Thank you so very much, I believe you've inspired many!" Monaghan Camera Club

October 2021, "Just wanted to say thanks once again for the excellent talk you gave to the club last night". Glemsford Photographic Club

October 2021, "The combination of historical information and the variety of images combined with an insight into the context of those images made it a very interesting and enjoyable evening for everyone". Colchester Photographic Society

November 2021 "Thank you very much for the interesting lecture that you did for us on Tuesday evening.  We all enjoyed it.  I feel quite inspired to go to London again an try some night photography there." Ilkeston Photo 2000

November 2021, "We were totally absorbed throughout the evening. Your attention to detail was superb and it was very clear by your narrative that you had done an enormous amount of research which added so much interest to your images. And your images - wow! We were all amazed at the clarity, colour and depth of field you managed to achieve. Night time photography is something that not many of us have attempted, but you have inspired us and I can see that I am going to have to arrange a local 'night shoot' soon." Baglan Bay Photographic Society

November 2021, "What a fascinating evening you gave us all last night. Your night shot photography was outstanding, and I am not a Londoner but was reasonably well acquainted with your venues. It was great to see them at night." Wellington and District Camera Club

January 2022,  "Many thanks to Peter for his talk on urban nightscape photography in which he included a fascinating section on the history of Night Photography paralleled with his own family history and the important role they played in its development.   He generously included tips, hints and technical/equipment information as we travelled with him through his vibrant photographs  of the Thames in London.,  his favourite places for night photography in the UK and some of the places he has been to further afield such as Dresden, Seville and New York. Thanks again to Peter for his stimulating and entertaining talk., " Harrow Camera Club

February 2022, "A note to say thank you very much for your excellent presentation to us on Wednesday.  I am sure I speak for all our members that tuned in when I say we enjoyed a fascinating history and some real eye catching images in your talk. As I said on the night, the detail and sharpness you capture make the night time photographs shine out." Photocraft Camera Club

February 2022, "Thank you Peter for what was a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable evening." Stalybridge Photographic Club

February 2022, "The talk was an absolute success and I thank you for such an informative presentation." Mold Camera Club  

March 2022,  "Many thanks for such an entertaining presentation last evening. Your night time images are stunning and we even got a bit of history to go with them.  I think you could tell from the comments of members that they also enjoyed it. For myself, I’ve often had trips to London city venues in daytime but only once in evening. And they just made me want to visit  again." Warminster Camera Club. 

March 2022, "I would like to thank you for a great evening fantastic images and very inspiring." Littlehampton and District Camera Club

March 2022, "We very much enjoyed your talk and I was chatting to a couple of members today and, again, they were praising your images. Definitely inspiring!" Ards Camera Club

April 2022 "Many thanks for a superb presentation last night.  It was really interesting to hear your ‘back story’ via your family history. The images were stunning and it was great to see a few locations that I haven’t been to" Knutsford Photographic Society

November 2022 "I would just like to reiterate our genuine thanks for your time  and presentation yesterday. We were all very appreciative of your stunning images from the ‘dark side’; which were also well supported with some personal narrative. Not your usual Halloween time images at all, so thank you very much for sharing them with us." Conway Camera Club

November 2022 "Just wanted to say a huge thank you for last night’s presentation.  After you left the meeting, all that the members were talking about was setting up night-time photography sessions!  Inspiration is often an over used word, but if that’s not inspiring then I don’t know what is." York Camera Club

December 2022 "On behalf of the Forest of Galtres Camera Club express our thanks and appreciation for the excellent talk you gave us last night . Some wonderful photographs and associated narrative, very inspirational to the extent that our President is already organising an outing to York this coming Thursday evening". Forest of Galtres Camera Club

January 2023  "A remarkable evening last night, thank you. I believe it’s tough for speakers on Zoom to gauge the audience reaction when they are speaking, II can tell you that your talk was very much enjoyed by all present. There was much chatter about the presentation as we cleared the hall before heading home. It was not only the quality of the images but also the personal story of your family going back to the mid 1800s. It must be so satisfying to have such an archive". Maidenhead Camera Club.   

February 2023 "I just wanted to say thank you again for an excellent evening with a well-structured and presented talk. Whilst I have tried my hand at night photography often enough, my results do not approach yours for cleanliness and general feel so I look forward to trying a few new ideas, especially at the King's Lynn Mart" Kings Lynn & District Camera Club.

February 2023 "I just wanted to say thank you again for your excellent talk. Several members have mentioned to me how much they enjoyed the evening!" Maldon Camera Club

March 2023  "Thank you for your talk, it was a very interesting talk last night for Sandhurst. The family element plus the development in Photographic techniques was great." Sandhurst Camera Club 

March 2023  "Many thanks for your presentation last night. We really enjoyed it lots of stunning images and anecdotes. Great insight to this tricky genre". Dudley Camera Club 

April 2023 "Many thanks for a super entertaining evening yesterday. Fabulous images which clearly take an extraordinary effort to obtain, and delivered with a really informative narrative. I’d be pleased to invite you back next year for the updated talk" Rusden & District Photographic Society

May 2023 "Just a quick note to say thank you for an excellent presentation with very impressive photos." Marlow Camera Club

August 2023 " Manty thanks for helping us out at the minute.  I spoke to club members this week about the presentation, their comments were very positive. The images you presented of the Waterfront were stunning and will hopefully inspire members to make the journey into Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds to explore the Nightscape Possibilities.  Members have also commented that they found your tips and advice and historical background incorporated into the talk  useful and informative. It was unusual to have the background family history it did however serve to illustrate the development of photography in a personal and meaningful way.  Thank you so much. I will not hesitate to recommend your talk to others." Bolton Camera Club

September 2023,  "We all enjoyed seeing your work.  We have a few members who regularly visit the capital and I'm sure they will be seeking out your viewpoints!!  Your images are so colourful and interesting, it's not surprising that you have had a lot of success with them and long may that continue.   ​Thank you very much.". Pontefract Camera Club

September 2023, "Thank you so much for a great presentation last night, I know we all  enjoyed the evening very much. Your images are incredible and an inspiration." "May I add my thanks to Dave’s for your presentation on Wednesday evening.  You have many stunning images and it was an interesting walk around London after dark. Thank you for your time and the informative answers to members’ questions." Cookridge Camera Club

September  2023, "Thank you for such a wonderful presentation on Tuesday night.  Your passion for London and photographing it after dark really came across. The room was  buzzing with members discussing your images right up until we finally managed to make them go home." Devizes Photography Club

September 2023 "Wrexham PS had the great pleasure of watching the first airing of Peter Benson’s new talk "Night Photography, Home & Abroad" last night. This was a return visit for us and with Peter’s thoroughly researched narrative, we went across the UK and Europe to America and back again with tips and explanations to complement Peter’s fabulous images." Wrexham Photography Society

October 2023, "Thank you so much for the talk last night which was excellent and has gone down very well with our members." ImageZ Camera Club

October 2023, "Thank you for your talk last night, I think everyone enjoyed the talk and you showed us some wonderful images. Your knowledge on both the photography and editing aspects together with your knowledge of London really came across and it is a pity you no longer run workshops in London as I think you may have has a few members sign up!"  "Just wanted to say thank you very much for your talk last night, it was very inspirational and I know our members all really enjoyed it.  You have some wonderful images!" BH Photography Club

October 2023 "Thank you very much for your Zoom presentation last evening.  It was fascinating going back to the 1850s and learning of the trail of photographic expertise in your family over the years. Your dedication to the subject was plain to see and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all our members." Bottisham & Burwell Photographic Club

October 2023  "Thank you for a really excellent talk - very good feedback from our members and 42 on the call which is as high as we have had this season"  Aperture Woolwich Photographic Society

November 2023 "Thank you for a great evening, the pictures just got better and better!" "Excellent images Peter, inspirational photography, thank you" "Thank you so much Peter. Very inspiring!" "Brilliant." "Wonderful photos, thank you." "Splendid evening, splendid photography." "Very inspiring, Wonderful images. Thank you." "I just wanted to thank for such an enjoyable and educational talk last night. The photography was wonderful and it was lovely to have some family history to put it all into context. Very inspirational. Thank you." Worcestershire Camera Club

November 2023  "Many thanks for your talk last week… you’ve inspired a group of us to go to London! maybe not at 2am… but daytime in London and will have a night session in our local town first." Deepings Camera Club

November 2023 "Thank you so much for your talk last night. You showed us lots of excellent images, explained your techniques well and even gave us a fascinating photographic history of your family.  We thoroughly enjoyed your talk and you could see how you engaged everyone by all the questions and discussion. " Rushcliffe Photographic Society
December 2023 "Thank you for your presentation to Haddington Camera Club tonight.  You showed some fantastic images.  It is amazing to see London with so few people!" Haddington Camera Club

January 2024 "I am writing on behalf of East Ipswich Camera Club to thank you for your great presentation last night. Our members and guests found it a very enjoyable and interesting evening" "We enjoyed and were inspired by Peter's interesting talk and his photographs were very impressive. Peter is a very skilled photographer and you can see some of his photographs on his website:" East Ipswich Camera Club

January 2024 "Thank you for presentation of Photography on the Darkside. I personally thought your introduction and then the night images with the commentary you gave was a brilliant night, and I know others loved it too." Penistone Camera Club

January 2024 "A great talk - super images and thanks for all the practical pointers. A great tour of some places Ive spent time in but your images were great!" "those images were quite outstanding and you have developed a process to capture the detail in the highlights and shadows without distorting the shadows and blowing the highlights... Brilliant" from Sodbury and Yate Photographic Club. 

January 2024 "May I thank you for your interesting and informative talk last night. The images were stunning my personal favourite the 2 monochrome photos one taken at the scoop the other with tower bridge behind what looked like a sundial", “Wow….! That river view. Those colours! (Illuminated Rivers)”, “wow managed to capture flag in detail”, “Fantastic Inspiration, Thank you” “Great talk and wonderful photos, I feel a trip to London coming on :-)”, “Thank you. Just amazing pictures!”, “ Amazing body of work, tips and historical context. Thanks a million”, “Thank you many superb images there” Milton Keynes City Photographic Society.

January 2024 "Thanks for your interesting talk Peter, lots of inspiration and food for thought" Melbourn & District Photographic Club

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