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Photography on the Darkside, London Nights

This Zoom talk, "Photography on the Darkside, London Nights " has evolved from my original talk, and now concentrates on my London urban nightscapes, which now includes many unseen images.

During this presentation I will first take you back into the early days of photography and the start of  Urban Night Photography running alongside my family history in Photography. Then I will take you on a tour around some of my favourite places for night photography in and around Central London. During this journey I'll be giving some hints and tips sprinkled with a bit of history about some of the places, so there is something for everyone.

If your camera club has had Photography on the Darkside or London Nights presented to them in the past then my new talk "Photography on the Darkside, Home and Abroad would be an ideal talk to have next as it will have more meaning. 


The talk will take around 100 minutes, excluding a refreshment break and Q & A sessions.  

For the talk to your members there will be a charge of £50.  Should your club offer tickets for sale outside of the club via a ticket sale site or by any other method my fee is £70. Please note that online talks are not recorded.

From September 2025 the fee for talks will be £65, outside ticket sales £85 .

Please contacted me with your requirements. 

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