Photography on the Darkside Talk

I present a talk called "Photography on the Darkside" to camera clubs and photographic societies.

During this presentation I will take you back into the early days of photography and the start of Night Photography running alongside my family history in Photography. Then I will take you on a tour around some of my favourite places for night photography in the UK. I will also show some of the places I have been to further afield in cities such as Dresden, Seville and New York. During this journey I'll be giving some hints and tips sprinkled with a bit of history about some of the places, so there is something for everyone.


The talk will take around 115 minutes, excluding a refreshment break.  


Please contacted me with your requirements. 

Please note that I am currently unable to present a talk on a Friday and some Thursdays.

Talk Feedback

Florence, the Old city at Night
Night Time at the Isle of Dogs
The Pool  from the Bridge
Pier 8_edited
Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin
The long view Brooklyn Bridge 2
Plaza De Espana 2
Powerhouse on the River